CraftmaticDecember 21, 2010 - Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – the world’s largest seller of adjustable and electric beds offered a wide range of sleep systems to provide better sleep.

Along the range of adjustable beds, Craftmatic offered:

Craftmatic Model I Adjustable Bed

The Craftmatic Model I adjustable bed has a dual sided firm or plush to give people the opportunity to have a softer sleep surface for their comfort along with the support of 364 Coil Count Bonnell Spring Mattress.

The Craftmatic adjustable bed coil count is for full or double size 138 cm X 205 cm (54" X 80") mattress which is the industry's measuring standard.

The Craftmatic bed is a remote controlled bed with built-in variable speed massage features complete with 30 minute timer system.

Craftmatic Model II Adjustable Bed

The Craftmatic Model II has a medium firm mattress that is the best mattress to use for those who are prone for back pain. It also has lockable castors affixed to the bottom of the appliance with screws or bolts to keep the base of the appliance evenly supported as well as to secure the bed in place.

Moreover the Craftmatic Model II is also a remote controlled bed equipped with a single speed massage unit.

Craftmatic Model III Adjustable Bed

Craftmatic Model III is a one-piece combined foam foundation with Hubbell Motor System to provide ultimate sleep experience. Like the Craftmatic Model I, the Craftmatic III also has a variable speed wave massage system to provide users with a relaxing massage resulting to a better night’s sleep.

Craftmatic Monaco Adjustable Bed

This type of adjustable bed is considered to be the well-designed bed Craftmatic has ever produced. This is because it has a stained timber surround, a retainer bar cover, wood trim, high density foam and natural latex mattress as well as luxurious quilted damask ticking that gives style and elegance.

Best of all, the Craftmatic III is completely equipped with wired low voltage hand control with electric memory and dual variable speed massage system with 30 minute timer system.

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