CraftmaticJanuary 25, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – the top maker of high quality therapeutic and electric beds in the world – Craftmatic – has launched a “Win-A-Bed” Raffle Promo.

The Win-A-Bed raffle draws are held 4 times a year. This Craftmatic-pioneered draw takes place every 90 days at 12:00 noon at Craftmatic, Port Road, Woodville, South Australia.

For this quarter, Win-A-Bed started last November 2010 and the draw date will be this coming February 2011.

The prize for the raffle promo is one Craftmatic bed of a total value of $2,110.00, or a cash prize of $1,200.00 will be given away to the winner if they opted for it.

In order to qualify for the promo, people should send the survey response forms from Craftmatic to GPO Box 2697, Adelaide, SA 5001. They can also join the promo by calling the 1800 number that appears in every Craftmatic commercial which is aired intermittently on television throughout Australia or by filling in the online form on the Craftmatic website.

All entries must be in 3 working days before the 90 day period and only one entry is accepted from each household. The winner is to be the first correctly completed entry selected randomly from all entries received. The winner will be notified either by phone or in writing. The name of the winner will also be published on announcement sections of major Australian newspapers.

If the winner fails to claim the prize after a given period of time, a redraw will be held.

The “Win-A-Bed” Raffle Promo is open to all Australian residents excluding all employees of Craftmatic Pty Ltd, their agents or anyone connected with the promo.

For any printing, production and typographical error, the promoter Craftmatic will not be held liable.

For more enquiries, call 1800 210 330 or visit

don chesworth.03 97447833
2/17/2011 08:45:22 am

I received a phone call today 18/2/11 from your office when it was arranged that someone would visit us on Monday morning 21/2/11.
I hereby cancel that visit and advise you that I am no longer intereste in your product.
Don Chesworth.

3/7/2011 03:02:26 pm

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christine gray
1/16/2012 09:44:33 am

Beware !!!! they are a complete CON !!!!!, the bed is not worth $100.00, it is not as shown on the DVD..when they push and con you into signing....I JUST WANT THEM TO TAKE THIS S..T BED BACK AND GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY....the bed is CRAP!!!!!!

3/5/2012 03:36:13 pm

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