March 3, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – The leading supplier of therapeutic and adjustable beds – Craftmatic – has featured the Monaco model of Therapeutic electric beds online.

Craftmatic has been providing the market with adjustable and therapeutic electrical beds with a blend of superior comfort, functionality and individual support with modern aesthetic appeal.
The finest in adjustable electric beds can be found in the Craftmatic range of comfort bedding, offering the perfect balance of pressure relieving comfort while offering therapeutic support.

Craftmatic presents Monaco Electric Beds anytime to anyone who needs an afternoon nap and a good night rest.
They can experience outmost comfort with the combination of a Craftmatic mattress and adjustable bed bases which tolerate sensitive areas and individual desired level of firmness can be adjusted. These beds are the closest thing to having a custom made mattress to ultimately achieve the most comfortable and rejuvenating sleep. 

Craftmatic Monaco Bed supports the natural contours of the body and allows anyone to rest in any natural, relaxed position without causing muscle strain. The weight of a human body is distributed evenly across the entire lying surface, giving a feeling of weightlessness. That means better circulation, better quality sleep with no tossing and turning.

Craftmatic offers the most excellent products they could present. They make sure that their products are made of the finest quality and of excellence giving their customers the satisfaction they need and the service they deserve.
For inquiries on Craftmatic Electric Beds, visit http://www.hotfrog.com.au/Companies/Craftmatic-Australia

Fabian Wylie
4/14/2011 04:24:06 am

Worked for Craftmatic in the UK.

They are the best beds in the world ....

adrienne west
6/2/2013 10:31:29 am

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mrs thomson
6/2/2013 10:39:46 am

i have had the misfortune of being ripped off by this conman fabian bersford wylie he pressurised me into buying a bed for 4000 i since found out i could get same bed for 1200 , beware of this man hes no better than a common thief with no morals or integrity a total rogue with an aggresive arrogant attitude

mr benson
6/5/2013 04:24:52 am

this man has worked for denson healthcare solutions mansfield road nottingham he has swindled numerous old age pensioners whilst posing as a salesman there avoid this man at all costs hes a thief nothing more nothing less

mrs davis
6/5/2013 04:27:17 am

i agree with all the above comments fabian bersford wylie is a thief who preys on the vulnerable old n infirm hes a bully

1/24/2012 09:20:12 pm

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5/25/2012 09:27:25 am

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6/5/2013 04:30:10 am


1/25/2012 05:19:24 am

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5/25/2012 09:31:15 am

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mrs davis
6/2/2013 10:43:31 am

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3/25/2012 08:09:45 am

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3/30/2012 01:17:34 am

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5/9/2012 08:33:38 am

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5/25/2012 09:22:35 am

Fabian beresford wylie is nothing but a conman in his cheap suit. He makes a living out of cheating people to buy beds and driveways but when there is a problem neither him or his New Look driveways mates can be found.Do not be fooled by this man his accent s a put on and soon it dwindles away when he is unsure what word to use, everythng about him s false,he cheated old women of money and no bed appeared,then his concrete pattern concrete and a another dodgy character the scotsman andy murray sell drives but cannot be fund for repair of the drives for love or money. . They have cheated a lot of vulnerable people . Most people can smell this con man a mile away with his pressure selling to old elderly folks.

6/21/2012 11:44:56 pm

Found this from the Weebly directory, great blog.

7/29/2012 06:08:26 pm

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Joseph Aidan

8/23/2012 07:46:34 pm

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9/17/2012 08:59:50 pm

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9/24/2012 07:50:39 am

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7/15/2013 06:08:16 pm

First and foremost , who ever is all the one name person , using different names above , who I now is on name in all of comments , you have now been reported , no party's. Have been over charged for any Automatic beds , all prices are fair ... There are cheap makes out there , Denson health care has a good name , as for above names, are one person , which has now been reported ..

10/1/2013 03:30:06 pm

First and foremost , who ever is all the one name person , using different names above , who I now is on name in all of comments , you have now been reported , no party's.

frenando aguilar
11/2/2013 02:08:29 pm

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12/11/2013 09:00:47 am

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sussex citizens
12/14/2013 11:12:27 pm

There is a lot of these guys wondering the country selling adjustable beds to elderly people for exorbitant prices. They target people who live on their own, if they are genuine why does the company concerned ring and ask the person to have their relatives there when the salesman is calling. That never happens they prefer to catch vulnerable people on their own and use bully boy tactics to pursue a sale. There is another man doing it down here one man band band so many people in Sussex have been taken by these beds and then they fall apart.

Best is for Age Concern to advertise NOT to allow these sales men into their homes with relatives present.
Think this is crucial for the safety of our elderly in this country.

These guys are just vagabonds.

3/10/2014 10:40:18 pm


3/24/2014 10:00:28 am

How do they approach elderly people or how do they get their names addresses ?
?i got patents parents in laws would not want them to be victim tthese scammers

4/8/2014 10:26:59 pm

I have had the pleasure of meeting the named gentleman above, my mother received a cold call asking her to take part in a survey and express her thoughts and opinions, which she had agreed to, she had previously been conned by a different company so i made sure i was present.

Mr Wylie was a true gentleman there was no pressure to purchase or any 'bully tactics' involved at all he just helped my mother and I see the benefits of the product. So we placed an order, the communication from the mobility company was great and we are more than satisfied with the service provided. Would highly reccomend the company compared to the other companies that we have come across which do similar things for people.

Looks to me that this is a personal grudge which personally I believe to be very unfair on a creditable company hence why I am writing this response.

4/25/2014 12:34:30 pm

My father had been approached by some company selling neds for old people on the phone. He agreed to have the salesman on the house in a few days time. . The person who made the call was speaking rather rapidly and my father agreed to have the person in his home without realising what he had got himself in go.
T weeks later , be had a bed delivered to home and when my sister went to visit him she noticed the bed. He had been quoted atrocious price for the bed by a salesman .
We had a hard time trying to get the company to take the bed back.
my father wad very distressed by the whole situation.

I have heard of a quite a fee of horrendous pressure selling to elderly people. never have i ever encountered or hear such a good samaritan who does this kind of job . Even when people are happy with the products they pay exorbitant amount of money for these akfs which can be found cheaply on ebay.

We eventually got an aid from ebay for my father. I defineyely recommend. Going to ebay or places eg community furniture which help elderly people get used aids for a fraction of the price.

Thete no cold calling zones but these people target the elderly by cold calling them on the phones instead of old methods of knocking their doors.
cold calling is illegal in the U.K. Hence why these guys,now going it on the phone where they ate not monitored.
The days of this kind of sales will soon be over . As government are ensuring that our parents are protected from house .
Surely if they coming to your home things would be more expensive.
on line at our finger tips and sure the customer service would be of impeccable standard as well.

Sure the above comment everything must been the most super efficient as would the price the customer paid for it as well.

5/3/2014 09:52:58 pm

I would like to say to the above person in they massage or messages, we are aware of your grudge, it's not with any bed company, you should learn to spell correctly, for any one looking at our site, take a good look at every mail sent. As for Mr wylie, he is indeed a gentleman, would like to thank Joyce for her comments.

6/1/2014 10:00:17 pm

Take it from me ,Fabian is nothing but a big con artist and takes pride from Bullshiting !
Avoid this man at all costs,he worked for me for a while ,and knew him quite well,I'd love to bump into him again one day!

Lee Lean
8/21/2017 03:13:54 am

Adrianne west or what ever dozen names you go by .

Let me tell anyone Fabian is not anything that you say .

You are horrible woman, who went on a online slur campaign on every single means possible.!, to discredit Fabian and my self , all because he finished with you!, is it any wonder .

Your clearly nuts

9/11/2017 12:00:34 am

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