April 8, 2011 – Adelaide, South Australia, Australia – the maker of adjustable and electric beds that provides a wide range of benefits for a comfortable sleep – Craftmatic – has been donating to the Salvation Army.

“We realise that community involvement is crucial for a modern corporate structure. As such, we have donated beds to worthy causes across Australia. For the last five years, we have donated quality second hand mattresses to the Salvation Army,” said Craftmatic.

Furthermore, Craftmatic also doles out to the Salvation Army second hand beds     from buyers of Craftmatic beds who have no need of it. 

The Craftmatic-donated second hand mattresses and beds are used by the Salvation Army to generate financial support to fund its various social and community programs throughout Australia.

Recently, these social outreach programs by the Salvation Army have been extended to the flood victims in Queensland.
Aside from donating to the Salvation Army, Craftmatic also donates to charitable institutions like hospitals. 
So when consumers buy adjustable and electric Craftmatic beds and give their old beds to Craftmatic, they are also helping Australians that need it most.
This program shows Craftmatic’s commitment of providing comfort to millions through its top quality electric and adjustable beds as well as making sure that the less privileged are not left out.
For more enquiries on this bed donation initiative, contact Craftmatic at 1800-210-330 or log on to http://www.craftmaticbeds.weebly.com/ 

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