That is one puzzling question that needs a clear-cut answer and to know that, first, you need to understand what happens inside that causes a person to snore.

The Physiology of Snoring

During sleep, the muscles in the roof of the mouth, tongue and throat relax as all other muscles do. But there are instances when the tongue, tissues of the throat such as the uvula become relaxed and collapsed altogether that they partially obstruct the airway, causing vibration every time air passes through the throat. As the airway gets narrower, so the tissue vibration also increases, causing the snoring to get louder.

Sleeping Position: A Major Snoring Factor

There are many reasons why the tongue and other tissues block the airway and some of them are enlarged tonsils, large adenoids or tongues or swollen nasal passages due to cold or allergies. But one of the major factors that contribute to snoring is the sleeping position. Sleeping on the back can cause the tissues in the throat to slide back as the muscles relax, a scenario that leads likely to snoring.

Craftmatic Bed: Maybe a Solution to Snoring

This is the time when Craftmatic bed comes into the scene. Because it is adjustable, a Craftmatic bed can be transformed into relaxing and comfortable positions to support the head, neck, shoulders   and other parts of the body such that the airways are cleared of any blockage from the tissues.
Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center suggests elevating the Craftmatic bed at 30 degrees to minimise the force on the diaphragm and keep the airway open.  Raising the Craftmatic bed may also help keep the tongue from collapsing against the uvula.

Therefore, Craftmatic bed may be able to stop snoring if the cause is improper sleep position. However, in cases where there is other contributing factors such as obesity and blocked nasal passages, Craftmatic bed may only provide a little help. It will be better if the snorer goes for a comprehensive anti-snoring plan such as regular exercise and quitting smoking and couple it with good night sleep with a Craftmatic.

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