CraftmaticJanuary 28, 2011 – Adelaide, South Australia – Craftmatic – the top producer of adjustable beds worldwide showcased their Craftmatic beds that can aid individuals get much better sleep during the night and in treating other sleeping problems.

There are a lot of testimonials that came from actual various Craftmatic bed users who are effectively using their own Craftmatic adjustable beds.

Craftmatic adjustable beds have excellent features that were beneficial for endorsing better sleep. These great features consist of adjustability, comfortable beddings as well as zero lumps.

Adjustability – Craftmatic beds could be converted into 1001 soothing and comfortable positions which supported the head, back, neck and shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs, and also the legs and feet, thus, minimizing muscle stiffness during sleep.

Comfy Beddings – Craftmatic mattresses comfortable feature is based on their top quality polyfiber and also many coil springs compared to the spring used in ordinary beds. Craftmatic used high quality polyfiber which provided a soft feel and guaranteed comfort and ease to get a great night of sleep. In addition each additional coil spring inside the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed provide particular help into a specific portion of the body. This additional support eliminated swelling from occurring in parts of the body which are left unsupported by mattresses having a lower coil count.

Zero Lumps – The Craftmatic beddings was designed to prevent unevenness within the surface with the help of extra springs. Atop of the springs, Craftmatic placed a flexpan polypropylene net that they call flexolator. This flexolator helps prevent the padding in the mattress from sinking in between the springs and the mattress from becoming lumpy. The flexolator could also extend the life of the mattress.

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CraftmaticJanuary 27, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic the leading manufacturer of adjustable beds offered a choice of a wireless or corded hand control wand for their adjustable beds.

At Craftmatic, adjustable bed models offered gave consumers a choice of either wireless or corded hand control wand. All control wands adjusted the head and foot of the bed at the touch of easy to use buttons.

The Model One and Monaco Craftmatic beds, for instance, have control wands that provided a built-in memory function that memorized a person’s two favorite bed positions and assumed either position by a single press upon the "memory function" button.

With this kind of technology advancement, a Craftmatic bed did not require manual adjustments at all.

Consumers can choose between the Dual Queen and Dual King Size Craftmatic beds that come with two hand control wands so people can adjust each side of the bed separately.

For consumers who are looking for ease of use feature, Craftmatic has standard size adjustable beds that are easily attached to standard size flat bed headboards.

Plus, the standard size Craftmatic bed has easy-roll casters that make cleaning and vacuuming beneath the beds a snap. And because they adjust, placing fitted sheets on and off the bed is almost effortless!

Moreover, the Craftmatic beds require no special sheets and bedspreads at all. For people who bought the same size Craftmatic adjustable bed as their current flat bed, they can continue to use their existing sheets and bedspread.

Craftmatic beds can fit into any bedroom decor, be it modern or traditional. And when placed in the head or foot down position, Craftmatic Adjustable Beds are indistinguishable from ordinary flat beds.

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CraftmaticJanuary 25, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – the top maker of high quality therapeutic and electric beds in the world – Craftmatic – has launched a “Win-A-Bed” Raffle Promo.

The Win-A-Bed raffle draws are held 4 times a year. This Craftmatic-pioneered draw takes place every 90 days at 12:00 noon at Craftmatic, Port Road, Woodville, South Australia.

For this quarter, Win-A-Bed started last November 2010 and the draw date will be this coming February 2011.

The prize for the raffle promo is one Craftmatic bed of a total value of $2,110.00, or a cash prize of $1,200.00 will be given away to the winner if they opted for it.

In order to qualify for the promo, people should send the survey response forms from Craftmatic to GPO Box 2697, Adelaide, SA 5001. They can also join the promo by calling the 1800 number that appears in every Craftmatic commercial which is aired intermittently on television throughout Australia or by filling in the online form on the Craftmatic website.

All entries must be in 3 working days before the 90 day period and only one entry is accepted from each household. The winner is to be the first correctly completed entry selected randomly from all entries received. The winner will be notified either by phone or in writing. The name of the winner will also be published on announcement sections of major Australian newspapers.

If the winner fails to claim the prize after a given period of time, a redraw will be held.

The “Win-A-Bed” Raffle Promo is open to all Australian residents excluding all employees of Craftmatic Pty Ltd, their agents or anyone connected with the promo.

For any printing, production and typographical error, the promoter Craftmatic will not be held liable.

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CraftmaticJanuary 24, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – the world's largest seller of adjustable and electric beds – Craftmatic – has offered a free sleep report to individuals suffering from sleep problems.

The free sleep report can either be downloaded through the Craftmatic link on Hotfrog or from the Craftmatic site itself.

“For someone who is not convinced with the worth of sleep they receive, a free sleep report is an effective way to identify the cause of such discontentment,” said Craftmatic.

The free sleep report of Craftmatic summarized the science of sleep systems and helpful guides on how to avoid sleepless nights. This report includes comprehensive information on:• Significant statistics on low back pain victims. • The effects of firm and soft mattresses on a person’s health. • The harm related with flat surface beds.• Benefits from an adjustable bed and how it may help solve many health concerns.All information seen on the Craftmatic free sleep report is verified by Dr. William Nagler who is currently a Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Cornell University Medical College. He is also a consultant at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and a member of the Advisory Board for Rehabilitation Medicine at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Thus, Dr. Nagler has enough expertise and capability to give a reliable sleep report.

Furthermore, Craftmatic sleep report gives significant information about certain useful products such as adjustable, electric and therapeutic beds that are beneficial for anyone suffering from back pain and other sleep related diseases.

So, for free guides to help cure or prevent sleep related pains, call Craftmatic on 1800 210 330 or visit

About Craftmatic

Craftmatic is one of the World's biggest sellers of adjustable, electric and healing beds, originating 4 years ago in the United States and now has profitable operations in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. They also have sold over 1,000,000 Craftmatic beds worldwide.


CraftmaticJanuary 17, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – a company considered as the largest distributor of adjustable, therapeutic and electric beds in Australia and around the world invites potential customers to visit Craftmatic at HotFrog Australian Business Directory as part of their networking.

HotFrog was launched in Australia in 2005 by Catch, the online division of Reed Business Information Australia, the country’s largest Australian-owned Business to Business publisher.

HotFrog is Australia’s fastest growing free online business directory, listing over 1.5 million Australian businesses, with local versions in 34 countries worldwide.

Listing in HotFrog directs sales leads and enquiries to the specific business and is indexed by Google and other search engines. This means that customers can find a HotFrog listing when they use search engines.

This is the main reason why Craftmatic decided to be listed in HotFrog so that potential buyers would be able to read about the company and view key products such as the Craftmatic Beds by visiting the main website.

With its brand name originating in the US 40 years ago, Craftmatic became a company operating in the consumer goods industry, focusing on adjustable and therapeutic beds. Craftmatic started its commercial operations across Australia, the UK and New Zealand with the company headquarters now located in Oakleigh, Victoria.

The partnership of Craftmatic with HotFrog also gives visitors the chance to get a free health report from the main website and view the various adjustable bed models because Craftmatic specializes mainly in adjustable beds, electric beds, sleep solutions, and sleep systems.

Craftmatic has sold over 1,000,000 adjustable beds to customers worldwide.

With all the information provided in the HotFrog business directory, it became easier for users to establish a connection with Craftmatic and it also became easier for the company to find potential clients.

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CraftmaticJanuary 17, 2011 - Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – has 40 years of experience in making Craftmatic beds that helped people get enough sleep.

The Craftmatic brand in adjustable beds began over 40 years ago. Today over a million of Craftmatic adjustable beds are in use in customers’ bedrooms all around the world. They even attest that Craftmatic adjustable beds are durable, attractive, and supremely comfortable to use.

Craftmatic’s aim is to give their customers the most personalised service available. Craftmatic do not sell beds in show rooms. Instead, they come to customers’ home at a time that is convenient to them to demonstrate to them the Craftmatic’s complete range of products. This means that customers will get to view the beds in the comfort of their home, with one on one service from a helpful representative of the company.

Craftmatic markets the very finest sleep systems modern sleep technology can offer!

At Craftmatic, they realise that community involvement is crucial for a modern corporate structure. As such they have donated beds to worthy causes across Australia. For the last five years Craftmatic have donated quality second hand mattresses to the Salvation Army. These mattresses were used by the Salvation Army to generate financial support for the wider Salvation Army and its varied social and community programs.

When customers purchase their brand new Craftmatic Adjustable Bed, there's no need to worry about what to do with their old bed. After Craftmatic has installed customers’ new bed they will take the old bed for them that very day! Craftmatic also has a long history of donating second hand beds in good condition to the Salvation Army, giving to Australians that need it most.

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CraftmaticJanuary 14, 2011 – Adelaide, Queensland, Australia – CraftmaticM – the maker of world-class therapeutic beds has already sold over 1 million adjustable beds since its inception 40 years ago.

These Craftmatic beds are quality therapeutic beds that bring relief to those who have sleeping problems as well as giving comfort and relaxation to those need it. Craftmatic beds can add many benefits to those who use it and for that reason it has gained worldwide renown. It is one reason why over 1 million Craftmatic beds for the past 40 years.

Craftmatic beds can be adjusted into numerous relaxing and comfortable positions to support various parts of the body. This can help facilitate good bold circulation in the body especially in the legs.

Craftmatic beds have a built-in massage feature that can gently enable a user have a good night sleep. The built-in massage mechanism turns off automatically after the massage is done.

Craftmatic beds are designed to prevent lumpiness. A flexolator is placed on top of the bed springs in order to extend the life of the mattress and prevent lump mattress.

Plus, users can adjust the head and foot of Craftmatic beds using wireless or corded hand control wand. A certain type of Craftmatic bed, Monaco One and Monaco can memorize the favourite positions of its user.

As one Craftmatic bed user commented “We are pleased with our Craftmatic purchase of a king size bed. We now sleep more soundly and wake up much more refreshed with none of the old aches and pains. We find the bed very comfortable and the elevation of the head and foot is very good for my breathing and swelling of my feet. The massage is wonderful and really helps us go to sleep much more easily.”

Because of such amazing features, Craftmatic beds are still continued to be patronized around the world.

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CraftmaticJanuary 14, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – one of the world's largest sellers of adjustable and electric beds, helped people to enjoy a better night’s sleep through its state-of-the-art comfort features.Among the modern attributes of Craftmatic adjustable beds:

Warm, Comforting Therapeutic Heat:

Craftmatic beds have electric mattress covers that wrap people in a cocoon of controlled warmth and conductively applies heat to that portion of the human body touching the mattress.On the other hand, during a cold winter’s night, it warms up the bed and may temporarily ease the pain of muscular aches, and can helps people relax and sleep better.

Finger Tip Adjustability:

At Craftmatic there are a lot of adjustable bed models that offers people a choice of a wireless or corded hand control wand. All control wands adjust the head and foot of the bed up and down at the touch of easy to use buttons.

Plus, the Model One and Monaco control wands also provide a built-in memory function that memorizes the two favorite bed positions and assumes either position by a single press upon the "memory function" button.

The Dual Queen and Dual King Size Craftmatic beds come with two hand control wands so people can adjust each side of the bed separately.

Built-In Massage:

With Craftmatic adjustable beds a variety of massage options are available that includes a wave massage and a dual variable speed massage with automatic shut-off timer.

There is a quiet, powerful massage motors mounted at specific locations on the bed's frame can gently lull people to sleep and then turn off automatically.

Otherwise, if Craftmatic is set at a more powerful setting, individuals can experience invigorating full-body stimulation. With Craftmatic it is far better than a professional massage because Craftmatic's masseur is on duty 24 hours a day and does not charge $75 an hour!

Interested buyers can call Craftmatic hotline at 1-800-245-0205 or follow them at


CraftmaticDecember 21, 2010 – Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – the world’s leading maker of adjustable beds releases the Free Sleep Report for sleep sufferers.

The report entitled “Good Beds for Bad Backs – A Guide to Better Sleep” is an easy to understand PDF document that outlines the science of sleep systems and benefits of using Craftmatic adjustable beds. The report is authored by sleep expert, Dr. William Nagler who is currently the Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Cornell University Medical College.

The report contains remarkable statistics on low back sufferers. The effects of firm and soft mattresses on a person’s health are discussed in the report. Furthermore, the problems associated with flat beds are tackled and how Craftmatic adjustable beds can solve many of those problems.

The Free Sleep Report is intended to be read by anybody who is not satisfied with the quality of sleep they receive. Specifically, the report is helpful to those who have difficulty of getting adequate sleep because of low back pain, arthritis, poor local blood circulation and night time heartburn.

In one way another, Craftmatic adjustable beds can solve many of the problems sleeps sufferers often complain when they sleep. At the same time, Craftmatic adjustable beds provides comfort to those who are tired at work because the person sleeping in a Craftmatic adjustable bed can stay in a relaxed position throughout the night without tossing and turning.

To get the Free Sleep Report, go to

About Craftmatic

Craftmatic has been making high quality adjustable beds for worldwide consumers for the past 40 years. Since its founding, it has already sold over 1 million adjustable beds up to the present. That attests to the fact that adjustable beds made by Craftmatic are as durable as they are attractive and supremely comfortable.


CraftmaticDecember 21, 2010 - Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – the world’s largest seller of adjustable and electric beds offered a wide range of sleep systems to provide better sleep.

Along the range of adjustable beds, Craftmatic offered:

Craftmatic Model I Adjustable Bed

The Craftmatic Model I adjustable bed has a dual sided firm or plush to give people the opportunity to have a softer sleep surface for their comfort along with the support of 364 Coil Count Bonnell Spring Mattress.

The Craftmatic adjustable bed coil count is for full or double size 138 cm X 205 cm (54" X 80") mattress which is the industry's measuring standard.

The Craftmatic bed is a remote controlled bed with built-in variable speed massage features complete with 30 minute timer system.

Craftmatic Model II Adjustable Bed

The Craftmatic Model II has a medium firm mattress that is the best mattress to use for those who are prone for back pain. It also has lockable castors affixed to the bottom of the appliance with screws or bolts to keep the base of the appliance evenly supported as well as to secure the bed in place.

Moreover the Craftmatic Model II is also a remote controlled bed equipped with a single speed massage unit.

Craftmatic Model III Adjustable Bed

Craftmatic Model III is a one-piece combined foam foundation with Hubbell Motor System to provide ultimate sleep experience. Like the Craftmatic Model I, the Craftmatic III also has a variable speed wave massage system to provide users with a relaxing massage resulting to a better night’s sleep.

Craftmatic Monaco Adjustable Bed

This type of adjustable bed is considered to be the well-designed bed Craftmatic has ever produced. This is because it has a stained timber surround, a retainer bar cover, wood trim, high density foam and natural latex mattress as well as luxurious quilted damask ticking that gives style and elegance.

Best of all, the Craftmatic III is completely equipped with wired low voltage hand control with electric memory and dual variable speed massage system with 30 minute timer system.

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