November 18, 2010 – Adelaide, Australia – leading provider of innovative adjustable, electric and therapeutic beds – Craftmatic – has promoted the power of getting enough and quality sleep by launching their four models of adjustable, electric and therapeutic beds.

“Just like nutrition and exercise, getting enough and quality sleep is also vital in achieving optimum health and happiness,” said Craftmatic.

“That is why, we at Craftmatic, promotes the power of getting a relaxing and comfortable sleep through our Craftmatic model I, II, III and Monaco model beds.”

The four models or craftmatic beds were specifically designed to provide the most reinvigorating sleep any one could get in their lifetime. These beds support the natural curves of the body which is the key in having a good nights’ sleep and the best waking moment in the morning.

All these models were remote controlled and can be transformed into 1001 different comfortable positions to support the head, neck, shoulders as well as the lower and upper back, hips, thighs, legs and feet without causing muscle strain or discomfort.

Craftmatic beds also come with innovative features. Each bed has:
A Built in Massage
Wave massage and dual speed massage are the massage options built in each craftmatic bed. Quiet and powerful massage motors were mounted at specific locations on the bed’s frame which can be set from gentle massage to a full-body stimulation which can lull users to a deep and relaxing sleep.

With just a touch of a button, craftmatic beds can be adjusted to the most comfortable position. The Craftmatic model I and Monaco even has a built-in memory function that remembers the users’ favorite bed position.

Zero Lumps
Craftmatic beds were engineered to provide zero lumps. Craftmatic placed a flexolator on top of their springs which stops the padding from sinking between the springs and avoid the common flat bed problem “lumpy mattress.”

With these features, Craftmatic beds can help people get enough and quality sleep which can boost their productivity, enhance their mood and ability to handle stress.

To know more about Craftmatic beds, call 1800 210 330 or visit for more information

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