CraftmaticMarch 11, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – the top producer of Craftmatic adjustable beds – Craftmatic – has offered remote controlled Craftmatic adjustable beds that can transform into different positions with just a touch of a button.

The Craftmatic beds can change into 1001 relaxing and comfortable positions to support the natural contour of the body. Their adjustable beds support the natural curves of the body without causing muscle sprain or pain.

With Craftmatic beds, users can inhale easily because their body weight is evenly distributed. The relaxing positions allow them to lie on their back all night long. For a more comfortable sleep, they can just switch the bed to a more comfortable position.

In addition, Craftmatic adjustable beds have a variety of massage options. They have wave massage and dual changeable speed massage with automatic shut-off timer. The bed massage motors mounted at specific locations on the bed's frame and may gently lull users to sleep. Plus these motors can give users full body stimulation if it is set to a powerful setting. The number of massage motors and kind of massage effect varies in every Craftmatic bed model.

Craftmatic bed models offer a choice of a wireless or corded hand control wand. These control wands adjust the head and foot of the bed up and down.

Moreover, the Craftmatic beds mattresses have extra springs that are engineered to prevent lumpiness. They even have a flexpan polypropylene net that is called flexolator on top of the springs for additional support.

The flexolator stops the pads of the mattress from sinking between the springs. This not only extends the life of the mattress and prevent “lumpy mattress” making Craftmatic adjustable beds very comfortable to use!

For more details about Craftmatic adjustable beds call 1800-210-330 or visit

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