April 8, 2011 – Adelaide, South Australia, Australia – a recognised leader in making first class adjustable and electric beds around the world – Craftmatic – has been issuing a free sleep report.

Entitled “Good Beds for Good Backs – A Guide to Better Sleep,” the free sleep report is an easy PDF document that summarises the science of sleep system in simple terms.

Basically, the free sleep report touches on how adjustable and electric beds can bring comfortable and fulfilling sleep.

Craftmatic’s free sleep report also includes statistics on low back pain sufferers, effects of firm and soft mattresses on health and the problems associated with flat beds.
It was written by Dr. Willibald Nagler who is the professor emeritus of the Division of Rehabilitation Medicine at Cornell University Medical College, New York City.

This free sleep report from Craftmatic is a good starting point for those who suffer from low back pain, arthritis, poor local blood circulation and night time heartburn and other sleep issues.

To those who are having good sleep time, they can gain valuable knowledge out from the free sleep report released by Craftmatic.
To receive this free sleep report, they just need to simply fill in the form found on Craftmatic’s website.
Free and easy-to understand, this free sleep report is worth reading.

Grab a copy now!
Just call Craftmatic at 1800-210-330 or log on to http://www.linkedin.com/companies/craftmatic
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