CraftmaticJanuary 14, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – one of the world's largest sellers of adjustable and electric beds, helped people to enjoy a better night’s sleep through its state-of-the-art comfort features.Among the modern attributes of Craftmatic adjustable beds:

Warm, Comforting Therapeutic Heat:

Craftmatic beds have electric mattress covers that wrap people in a cocoon of controlled warmth and conductively applies heat to that portion of the human body touching the mattress.On the other hand, during a cold winter’s night, it warms up the bed and may temporarily ease the pain of muscular aches, and can helps people relax and sleep better.

Finger Tip Adjustability:

At Craftmatic there are a lot of adjustable bed models that offers people a choice of a wireless or corded hand control wand. All control wands adjust the head and foot of the bed up and down at the touch of easy to use buttons.

Plus, the Model One and Monaco control wands also provide a built-in memory function that memorizes the two favorite bed positions and assumes either position by a single press upon the "memory function" button.

The Dual Queen and Dual King Size Craftmatic beds come with two hand control wands so people can adjust each side of the bed separately.

Built-In Massage:

With Craftmatic adjustable beds a variety of massage options are available that includes a wave massage and a dual variable speed massage with automatic shut-off timer.

There is a quiet, powerful massage motors mounted at specific locations on the bed's frame can gently lull people to sleep and then turn off automatically.

Otherwise, if Craftmatic is set at a more powerful setting, individuals can experience invigorating full-body stimulation. With Craftmatic it is far better than a professional massage because Craftmatic's masseur is on duty 24 hours a day and does not charge $75 an hour!

Interested buyers can call Craftmatic hotline at 1-800-245-0205 or follow them at

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