April 8, 2011 – Adelaide, South Australia, Australia – a recognised leader in making first class adjustable and electric beds around the world – Craftmatic – has been issuing a free sleep report.

Entitled “Good Beds for Good Backs – A Guide to Better Sleep,” the free sleep report is an easy PDF document that summarises the science of sleep system in simple terms.

Basically, the free sleep report touches on how adjustable and electric beds can bring comfortable and fulfilling sleep.

Craftmatic’s free sleep report also includes statistics on low back pain sufferers, effects of firm and soft mattresses on health and the problems associated with flat beds.
It was written by Dr. Willibald Nagler who is the professor emeritus of the Division of Rehabilitation Medicine at Cornell University Medical College, New York City.

This free sleep report from Craftmatic is a good starting point for those who suffer from low back pain, arthritis, poor local blood circulation and night time heartburn and other sleep issues.

To those who are having good sleep time, they can gain valuable knowledge out from the free sleep report released by Craftmatic.
To receive this free sleep report, they just need to simply fill in the form found on Craftmatic’s website.
Free and easy-to understand, this free sleep report is worth reading.

Grab a copy now!
Just call Craftmatic at 1800-210-330 or log on to http://www.linkedin.com/companies/craftmatic

April 6, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – the leading manufacturer of adjustable and therapeutic beds – Craftmatic – has promoted better sleep with their range of craftmatic beds.

Research has shown that people who get to sleep 6 to 8 hours a day are more productive in their work and has a healthy outlook in life as well as more motivated to achieve their long term goals than those who are sleeping less than 6 hours a day.

As such, Craftmatic has revolutionized the conventional flat beds and transform it into the most comfortable adjustable and therapeutic bed in the market today.

Their most distinguished feature is ability to be adjusted into 1001 comfortable and relaxing sleeping positions. Each of these positions supports the natural contour of the body especially the head, neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs and legs.

Users will also be able to lie on their backs and breathe properly with a craftmatic bed without waking in the morning with muscle pain or discomfort.
Another amazing feature of craftmatic beds is their built in massage motors.
Quiet, powerful massage motors are mounted at specific locations on the craftmatic bed frame. The built-in massage motor is remote controlled and can be set to gently massage the users and lull them to sleep. It can also be set into invigorating full-body stimulation and automatically turns off.

Craftmatic adjustable bed has an electric mattress cover that provides controllable heat to the body when it touches the mattress. During winter, the mattress can warm up the sleeper at night while they are sleeping so they can have a more relaxing and peaceful sleep.

With their craftmatic adjustable and therapeutic beds, the company aims to promote total well being and wellness.
For more details about Craftmatic adjustable beds
call 1800-210-330 or visit http://www.twitter.com/CraftmaticAus

April 8, 2011 – Adelaide, South Australia, Australia – the maker of adjustable and electric beds that provides a wide range of benefits for a comfortable sleep – Craftmatic – has been donating to the Salvation Army.

“We realise that community involvement is crucial for a modern corporate structure. As such, we have donated beds to worthy causes across Australia. For the last five years, we have donated quality second hand mattresses to the Salvation Army,” said Craftmatic.

Furthermore, Craftmatic also doles out to the Salvation Army second hand beds     from buyers of Craftmatic beds who have no need of it. 

The Craftmatic-donated second hand mattresses and beds are used by the Salvation Army to generate financial support to fund its various social and community programs throughout Australia.

Recently, these social outreach programs by the Salvation Army have been extended to the flood victims in Queensland.
Aside from donating to the Salvation Army, Craftmatic also donates to charitable institutions like hospitals. 
So when consumers buy adjustable and electric Craftmatic beds and give their old beds to Craftmatic, they are also helping Australians that need it most.
This program shows Craftmatic’s commitment of providing comfort to millions through its top quality electric and adjustable beds as well as making sure that the less privileged are not left out.
For more enquiries on this bed donation initiative, contact Craftmatic at 1800-210-330 or log on to http://www.craftmaticbeds.weebly.com/ 


April 6, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – the top manufacturer of adjustable beds – Craftmatic – Has offered craftmatic adjustable beds for people to have a good night’s sleep.

Craftmatic adjustable beds can give people the best sleep they can have.  These craftmatic beds are very comfortable to use. People do not have to toss and turn in their sleep just to get the most comfortable position.
Their craftmatic adjustable beds give people the option to customize the elevation of the headrest and the lower portion for the legs. The Craftmatic beds provide people the elevation and comfort that they need to get a better sleep.
Craftmatic adjustable beds are perfect. These craftmatic beds offer the option to change the comfort level to prevent strain on the spine. Their adjustable beds may help ease back, shoulder and neck pains.

Aside from helping ease body pains while sleeping. People who have snoring issues may find it easier to get the right position to avoid sleeping flat on their backs. Thus by avoiding sleeping on their backs, they may be able to minimize or eliminate their snoring problem.
In addition, there are manual and electronic versions of craftmatic adjustable beds. As well as Craftmatic has a good selection of mattress materials for their craftmatic beds.

Craftmatic adjustable mattresses are made of high density foam and natural latex mattress. These mattresses are tested to be durable and comfortable. They can last longer compare to other types of mattresses.

The best thing about Craftmatic mattresses is that they can support the natural contour of the body. Thereby they help relieve pressure on the bones and other pressure points. It reacts to the body's heat and weight. Plus due to its open cell technology, the material allows better airflow.
Craftmatic really makes good adjustable mattress materials that work perfectly on a fine structured bed!

For more details about Craftmatic comfortable adjustable beds
call 1800-210-330 or visit http://www.hotfrog.com.au/Companies/Craftmatic-Australia

CraftmaticMarch 11, 2011 - Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – has helped people get enough sleep through their Craftmatic adjustable beds.

Their Craftmatic brand of adjustable beds began more than 40 years ago. They have been making adjustable beds for a long time. And today over a million of Craftmatic adjustable beds have been used around the world. Their Craftmatic adjustable beds are durable, eye-catching, and extremely comfortable to use.

The Craftmatic beds were specifically designed to provide the most rejuvenating sleep any one could get in their lifetime. Their beds support the normal curves of the body. And they can be changed into different comfy positions to support the whole body without causing muscle ache.

Plus, all their adjustable beds are engineered to give zero lumps!

Craftmatic placed a flexolator on top of their springs that stops the padding from sinking between the springs. Thus it avoids the common flat bed problem.

Also, Craftmatic’s endeavor is to offer their customers the most personalized service. That is why Craftmatic do not sell beds in show rooms. Instead, they come to their customers’ houses at their most convenient time to demonstrate the Craftmatic’s complete range of beds.

Customers will get a chance to view the beds in the comfort of their home, with one on one service from an accommodating agent of Craftmatic. They market the very finest sleep systems that modern sleep technology can offer!

Moreover, the Craftmatic line of adjustable, electric and therapeutic beds always received good feedbacks from satisfied customers. They only have good words for the craftmatic adjustable beds.

The Craftmatic adjustable, electric and therapeutic bed has endorsed the power of getting enough and quality sleeps that people can never have in an ordinary bed!

For more details about Craftmatics adjustable beds and their personalised services call 1800 210 330 or visit http://www.linkedin.com/companies/craftmatic


CraftmaticMarch 11, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – the world’s number one supplier of adjustable beds which aims to provide consumers to have a pleasant and rewarding experience with their adjustable beds – Craftmatic Adjustable Beds – has offered therapeutic and adjustable beds that may alleviate back pains and other sleep discomforts.

Craftmatic adjustable beds may be the perfect comforting and soothing bed for people who have back aches and want to sleep at ease as these beds are soft and can be remotely controlled to change into another position.

These beds allow users to elevate their head and feet into their most comfortable position with an easy access hand control. Craftmatic adjustable beds allow them to relax much better than any flat bed ever could.

Craftmatic beds are created to help people sleep peacefully the whole night. With its wireless or corded hand control wand, anyone may able to adjust the position of Craftmatic beds to aid their head, neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs, legs and feet. Craftmatic beds do that without causing muscle strain or discomfort.

The built-in massage mechanism in Craftmatic beds can gently lull users to slumber. This built-in massage feature is silent yet effective because the massage engines are placed within particular positions of Craftmatic beds to ensure that when users lie on it, they can really feel the pressure of the massage.

For more information on Craftmatic Beds, call 1800-210-330 or visit http://www.craftmaticbeds.weebly.com/

About Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds’ aim is to make their customers experience with the adjustable and electric beds both a pleasant and rewarding one. From the very first request of information until the day a Craftmatic adjustable bed is placed in their customer’s bedroom they will always continue to endeavor to make anyone a satisfied customer.


CraftmaticMarch 11, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – the top producer of Craftmatic adjustable beds – Craftmatic – has offered remote controlled Craftmatic adjustable beds that can transform into different positions with just a touch of a button.

The Craftmatic beds can change into 1001 relaxing and comfortable positions to support the natural contour of the body. Their adjustable beds support the natural curves of the body without causing muscle sprain or pain.

With Craftmatic beds, users can inhale easily because their body weight is evenly distributed. The relaxing positions allow them to lie on their back all night long. For a more comfortable sleep, they can just switch the bed to a more comfortable position.

In addition, Craftmatic adjustable beds have a variety of massage options. They have wave massage and dual changeable speed massage with automatic shut-off timer. The bed massage motors mounted at specific locations on the bed's frame and may gently lull users to sleep. Plus these motors can give users full body stimulation if it is set to a powerful setting. The number of massage motors and kind of massage effect varies in every Craftmatic bed model.

Craftmatic bed models offer a choice of a wireless or corded hand control wand. These control wands adjust the head and foot of the bed up and down.

Moreover, the Craftmatic beds mattresses have extra springs that are engineered to prevent lumpiness. They even have a flexpan polypropylene net that is called flexolator on top of the springs for additional support.

The flexolator stops the pads of the mattress from sinking between the springs. This not only extends the life of the mattress and prevent “lumpy mattress” making Craftmatic adjustable beds very comfortable to use!

For more details about Craftmatic adjustable beds call 1800-210-330 or visit http://www.twitter.com/CraftmaticAus


March 3, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – The leading supplier of therapeutic and adjustable beds – Craftmatic – has featured the Monaco model of Therapeutic electric beds online.

Craftmatic has been providing the market with adjustable and therapeutic electrical beds with a blend of superior comfort, functionality and individual support with modern aesthetic appeal.
The finest in adjustable electric beds can be found in the Craftmatic range of comfort bedding, offering the perfect balance of pressure relieving comfort while offering therapeutic support.

Craftmatic presents Monaco Electric Beds anytime to anyone who needs an afternoon nap and a good night rest.
They can experience outmost comfort with the combination of a Craftmatic mattress and adjustable bed bases which tolerate sensitive areas and individual desired level of firmness can be adjusted. These beds are the closest thing to having a custom made mattress to ultimately achieve the most comfortable and rejuvenating sleep. 

Craftmatic Monaco Bed supports the natural contours of the body and allows anyone to rest in any natural, relaxed position without causing muscle strain. The weight of a human body is distributed evenly across the entire lying surface, giving a feeling of weightlessness. That means better circulation, better quality sleep with no tossing and turning.

Craftmatic offers the most excellent products they could present. They make sure that their products are made of the finest quality and of excellence giving their customers the satisfaction they need and the service they deserve.
For inquiries on Craftmatic Electric Beds, visit http://www.hotfrog.com.au/Companies/Craftmatic-Australia


CraftmaticFebruary 7, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – a company touted as one of the largest distributors of adjustable, therapeutic and electric beds in Australia and globally invited potential customers and online visitors to view the Craftmatic Testimonials and Collection of Customer Feedbacks as part of their networking.

With the testimonials and feedback from various customers and potential buyers, readers were able to read what the company was selling and view comments on key products of the company such as the Craftmatic Beds.

With its brand name originating in the US 40 years ago, it became a company operating in the consumer goods industry, focusing on adjustable and therapeutic beds. With a startup of about 30 employees, Craftmatic started its commercial operations across Australia, the UK and New Zealand with the company headquarters located in Oakleigh, Victoria.

With the online Craftmatic testimonial page, users could also visit the main website and get a free health report or view the four models of their adjustable beds. Craftmatic specializes in providing adjustable beds, electric beds, sleep solutions, and sleep systems. Since the company began, Craftmatic was able to sell over 1,000,000 adjustable beds to customers worldwide.

Users can be further connected with Craftmatic by signing in or joining the professional customer feedback networking. With their account, users were able to form a connection with them and add them to their network. By joining, users were also able to view more information about Craftmatic since they were granted access in viewing the complete version of the company website. With all the company information provided, it became easier for users to establish a connection with Craftmatic and it also became easier for the company to find potential clients.

For more information about Craftmatic and their vast array of adjustable bed models, visit http://www.craftmatictestimonials.com.au/


CraftmaticFebruary 3, 2011 – Adelaide, Australia – Craftmatic – makers of world famous Craftmatic Adjustable, Electric and Therapeutic Beds introduced its top of the line adjustable bed, the Monaco series.

Craftmatic top of the line Monaco series adjustable bed is available in standard, king and queen models for single, double and extra wide sizes. Like the previous adjustable beds, the Craftmatic Model I, II, and III, the Monaco Series of beds offered even more and better features like:

  • Wireless remote control.
  • Dual Variable Speed Massage System.
  • Optional Personal Heat Control.
  • Wood Trim.
  • Retainer Bar Cover.
  • High Density Foam and Natural Latex Mattress.
  • Luxurious Quilted Ticking.
  • 1 Year Limited Position Changing Mechanism Warranty (includes motors, gears, controls and electrical system).
  • A Great Buy if on a limited budget.
The Craftmatic line of adjustable, electric and therapeutic beds always received good feedbacks from satisfied customers. The testimonials of satisfied customers attested to that in the Craftmatic testimonial page.

A Craftmatic adjustable, electric and therapeutic bed has promoted the power of getting enough and quality sleep. The Craftmatic beds were specifically designed to provide the most reinvigorating sleep any one could get in their lifetime. These beds supported the natural curves of the body. They can be transformed into 1001 different comfortable positions to support the head, neck, shoulders as well as the lower and upper back, hips, thighs, legs and feet without causing muscle strain or discomfort.

All their beds were engineered to provide zero lumps. Craftmatic placed a flexolator on top of their springs which stops the padding from sinking between the springs and avoid the common flat bed problem.

With all these features, Craftmatic does help people get enough sleep. For more details about their beds, call 1800 210 330 or visit http://www.craftmaticbeds.weebly.com/