You know what happens when you are having back pains and you sleep on an awful bed with poor mattress. Not only does a poor bed misalign your spine, it can also increase your back pain due to lack of sleep.

What you sleep on is very important to reducing or eliminating back pains. Sleeping using flat beds will not do you any good because it will force your body or muscles to stay in tension. But when your body especially your back rests in its natural position, it becomes relaxed and you can feel soothing sensation on your back.

The only bed that is so popular and may aid in helping you comfortably sleep on your back is the craftmatic adjustable and therapeutic bed.

A Craftmatic bed may be the good sleeping surface for you to lie on when you are having back pains. Craftmatic bed is different from standard flat beds because it allows you to change inclined angle of the head and foot of the bed.

Elevating the Craftmatic bed at an inclination not exceeding 45 degrees, coupled with additional support under the knees may help reduce back pains. Craftmatic bed can also help you get out of bed easily without having to roll on or sit up like what you do from a flat bed.

Aside from that, Craftmatic bed has amazingly new and nice features:

•    Remote Controlled
With ease, you can transform the Craftmatic bed’s positioning that suits your body with just few clicks from a handy remote control. 
•    Built-in memory 
It remembers your favorite bed positions and assumes such position when you press the memory function. This feature is available in Monaco Craftmatic beds.
•    Built-in muscle relaxing massage
Quiet, powerful massage motors are mounted in different parts of the Craftmatic bed which gently massage your body especially your back to ease the pain and lull you to sleep.

Remember, when you are having back pains, one way to relieve it is to rest on a comfortable bed like Craftmatic bed.

To buy a Craftmatic bed, call 1800-210-330 or log on to http://www.craftmaticbeds.weebly.com/

It would be good if we can have permanent relief on this bed!

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