Craftmatic is the maker of world famous Craftmatic Adjustable, Electric and Therapeutic Beds introduced its top of the line adjustable bed, the Monaco series. 

Craftmatic top of the line Monaco series adjustable bed is available in standard, king and queen models for single, double and extra wide sizes.

Like the previous adjustable beds, the Craftmatic Model I, II, and III, the Monaco Series of beds offered even more and better features like:

    •Wireless remote control
    •Dual Variable Speed Massage System
    •Optional Personal Heat Control
    •Wood Trim
    •Retainer Bar Cover
    •High Density Foam & Natural Latex Mattress
    •Luxurious Quilted Ticking
    •1 Year Limited Position Changing Mechanism Warranty (includes motors, gears, controls and electrical system)
    •A Great Buy if on a limited budget

The Craftmatic line of adjustable, electric and therapeutic beds always received good feedbacks from satisfied customers.  The testimonials of satisfied customers attested to that in the Craftmatic testimonial page.

A Craftmatic adjustable, electric and therapeutic bed has promoted the power of getting enough and quality sleep. The Craftmatic beds were specifically designed to provide the most reinvigorating sleep any one could get in their lifetime. These beds supported the natural curves of the body. And they can be transformed into 1001 different comfortable positions to support the head, neck, shoulders as well as the lower and upper back, hips, thighs, legs and feet without causing muscle strain or discomfort.

All their beds were engineered to provide zero lumps. Craftmatic placed a flexolator on top of their springs which stops the padding from sinking between the springs and avoid the common flat bed problem.

With all these features, Craftmatic does help people get enough sleep. For more details about their beds, call 1800 210 330 or visit