It is undeniable that social networking sites are all the rage today. Starting off as personal journal sites and bulletin boards, these sites eventually branched out to different uses. For businesses, they come in the form of blog sites (for customer feedback), profiling sites, and business directories.

Craftmatic is one such consumer business and company that has taken advantage of social networking sites to build up their company by utilizing Weebly and Twitter for its customer feedbacks, creating a company profile and blog on LinkedIn, and most of all, advertising on HotFrog Business Directory.

HotFrog is run by Chase and owned by Reed Business Information which is an Australian owned company. HotFrog is a free online business directory listing over 1.5 million Australian businesses, making it the largest online business directory site in Australia. It also has local versions in 34 countries worldwide.

Craftmatic listed its business in HotFrog, along with contact details, products and services. Listing in HotFrog directs sales leads and enquiries to Craftmatic itself. Thus, anyone can view the whole line of world famous Craftmatic Adjustable, Electric and Therapeutic Beds such as the Model I, II, and III and the Monaco Series, all in standard, king and queen models for single, double and extra wide sizes.

First time viewers of Craftmatic can thus, read, view and even join online on Weebly, Twitter, LinkedIn and most especially HotFrog as part of Craftmatic social networking.

"In my opinion, a listing on HotFrog is the ideal medium for a company of any size needing to promote its goods and services over the internet," says Gary Bryant of Accuweigh, Australia.

Thus, visitors to the HotFrog directory site can proceed to the Craftmatic main website and discover the Craftmatic adjustable and therapeutic beds in all its stained timber/wood surround trim, hand control with electric memory, dual variable speed massage system built into the bed base that comes with a 30 minute timer system, retainer bar cover, and high density foam and natural latex mattress.

For more on HotFrog and to learn more about Craftmatic Beds, visit
With the Internet becoming a popular communication medium, people and even businesses such as Craftmatic  can be found everywhere across the World Wide Web. If you are a business owner and you wish to build a professional image for your business, then it is important to remember that the first impression is important. To catch the attention and trust of your customers and clients online, create a professional company profile.

Across the web, you will find various social media websites where people and businesses such as Craftmatic get connected and build their online profiles. As a business owner, you can start creating your company profile by visiting these social media websites. One recommendable place that you can start is at LinkedIn. Here, you will find various well known companies such as Craftmatic registered there.

With social media websites open to anyone and with people surfing the web constantly, you have to consider how people view you and your business online. Some businesses such as Craftmatic know this and that is why most of them have made online company profiles. With potential customers searching for your business at anytime, you can take a step ahead and create a great first impression with your online business profile.

Aside from this, creating an online profile is a great way for businesses like Craftmatic to build exposure. To give an example of how to create an impressive profile, let us take a look at the LinkedIn Craftmatic company profile.

To make sure that Craftmatic gets maximum exposure through their company profile, you will see various details about their company. One of these is the brief summary description about the Craftmatic Company and their specialties, which include adjustable beds and sleep solutions. Aside from giving information about Craftmatic, you will also see that their LinkedIn profile allows their customers and other users to connect them.

So if you want the online presence of your business to grow, network socially online and build online profiles. For reference, visit the Craftmatic company profile at