That is one puzzling question that needs a clear-cut answer and to know that, first, you need to understand what happens inside that causes a person to snore.

The Physiology of Snoring

During sleep, the muscles in the roof of the mouth, tongue and throat relax as all other muscles do. But there are instances when the tongue, tissues of the throat such as the uvula become relaxed and collapsed altogether that they partially obstruct the airway, causing vibration every time air passes through the throat. As the airway gets narrower, so the tissue vibration also increases, causing the snoring to get louder.

Sleeping Position: A Major Snoring Factor

There are many reasons why the tongue and other tissues block the airway and some of them are enlarged tonsils, large adenoids or tongues or swollen nasal passages due to cold or allergies. But one of the major factors that contribute to snoring is the sleeping position. Sleeping on the back can cause the tissues in the throat to slide back as the muscles relax, a scenario that leads likely to snoring.

Craftmatic Bed: Maybe a Solution to Snoring

This is the time when Craftmatic bed comes into the scene. Because it is adjustable, a Craftmatic bed can be transformed into relaxing and comfortable positions to support the head, neck, shoulders   and other parts of the body such that the airways are cleared of any blockage from the tissues.
Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center suggests elevating the Craftmatic bed at 30 degrees to minimise the force on the diaphragm and keep the airway open.  Raising the Craftmatic bed may also help keep the tongue from collapsing against the uvula.

Therefore, Craftmatic bed may be able to stop snoring if the cause is improper sleep position. However, in cases where there is other contributing factors such as obesity and blocked nasal passages, Craftmatic bed may only provide a little help. It will be better if the snorer goes for a comprehensive anti-snoring plan such as regular exercise and quitting smoking and couple it with good night sleep with a Craftmatic.

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Craftmatic adjustable beds are one of the most sought-after adjustable beds today. More and more people are using them due to the advantages they offer as well as the comfort they can provide.

Craftmatic adjustable and therapeutic beds are not just any other flat beds you can buy in supermarkets and department stores. What sets Craftmatic adjustable beds above the rest is they can support the natural shape or contour of your body no matter what sleeping position you choose without causing muscle pain and discomfort. They can also evenly distribute your weight to the mattress to help you breathe easier especially when you are lying on your back.

Because of these amazing features, craftmatic adjustable beds can give you the sleep you have always dreaming of. 
Craftmatic adjustable beds can also allow you to sleep in your most comfortable position. As a matter of fact, craftmatic beds can be adjusted to 1001 relaxing and comfortable positions to support your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips thighs, legs and feet.

This means you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer or at the least get the minimum six or eight hours of sleep every night. So when you get up in the morning, you feel energized and refreshed with a light clear head and with so much enthusiasm.

As a result, you will be able to be more productive all throughout the day and will help you significantly improve your quality of life overall.

With craftmatic adjustable and therapeutic bed, you can now say goodbye to back pains, sleepless nights and dull mornings.
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You know what happens when you are having back pains and you sleep on an awful bed with poor mattress. Not only does a poor bed misalign your spine, it can also increase your back pain due to lack of sleep.

What you sleep on is very important to reducing or eliminating back pains. Sleeping using flat beds will not do you any good because it will force your body or muscles to stay in tension. But when your body especially your back rests in its natural position, it becomes relaxed and you can feel soothing sensation on your back.

The only bed that is so popular and may aid in helping you comfortably sleep on your back is the craftmatic adjustable and therapeutic bed.

A Craftmatic bed may be the good sleeping surface for you to lie on when you are having back pains. Craftmatic bed is different from standard flat beds because it allows you to change inclined angle of the head and foot of the bed.

Elevating the Craftmatic bed at an inclination not exceeding 45 degrees, coupled with additional support under the knees may help reduce back pains. Craftmatic bed can also help you get out of bed easily without having to roll on or sit up like what you do from a flat bed.

Aside from that, Craftmatic bed has amazingly new and nice features:

•    Remote Controlled
With ease, you can transform the Craftmatic bed’s positioning that suits your body with just few clicks from a handy remote control. 
•    Built-in memory 
It remembers your favorite bed positions and assumes such position when you press the memory function. This feature is available in Monaco Craftmatic beds.
•    Built-in muscle relaxing massage
Quiet, powerful massage motors are mounted in different parts of the Craftmatic bed which gently massage your body especially your back to ease the pain and lull you to sleep.

Remember, when you are having back pains, one way to relieve it is to rest on a comfortable bed like Craftmatic bed.

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A craftmatic adjustable bed allows you to have a comfortable night’s sleep after a tiring day.  The craftmatic bed allows you to stay in a relaxed position all throughout the night. 
This adjustable bed even has some added extras such as integrated heating and a built in massage.  That is why when you wake up in the morning, you feel completely rested.
Actually, craftmatic adjustable beds are very popular bed around the world. One reason is craftmatic beds can truly help a person sleep better all through the night compared to when they are still using their old flat beds.
The most distinguished features of craftmatic beds include:

    Remote controlled to support different sleeping positions without causing muscle pain or discomfort
    It can be adjusted to 1001 sleeping positions
    Has a built-in massage motor system that can soothe a tired body and gently lull a person to a deep restful sleep
Craftmatic adjustable beds come in four different models. One of which is Monaco – the latest and most innovative
adjustable in the market today.
This craftmatic bed has amazing features and guarantees users of peaceful sleep and wellness for many years to come. Craftmatic can give you any idea on what type of craftmatic bed you need.

You can even choose the size of the bed and the specific massage function that you like.  And you do not have to worry about getting a new headboard and footboard as the craftmatic adjustable bed can fit to the standard headboard and footboard of your existing bed frame.
So if you want to totally relax and sleep peacefully Craftmatic adjustable bed is the answer.
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