craftmaticThe Craftmatic adjustable beds are easy to use. The beds have easy-roll casters to make cleaning and vacuuming beneath the beds a snap. And because they adjust, placing fitted sheets on and off the bed is almost effortless.

The Beds fit into any bedroom decor, be it modern or traditional. When the beds are placed in the head/foot down position, Craftmatic Adjustable Beds are indistinguishable from ordinary beds.

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craftmaticCraftmatic Adjustable Beds can transform into 1001 relaxing and comfortable positions. It supports the natural curves of your body without causing muscle strain or discomfort.

Craftmatic beds have a variety of massage options. It can gently lull you to sleep and turn off automatically. The bed models also offer a choice of a wireless or corded hand control wand and the beds are engineered to prevent lumpiness.

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