Having trouble sleeping? You could use a Craftmatic bed!

Craftmatic offers adjustable, electric and therapeutic beds that:

·         Can be converted into 1001 relaxing and comfortable positions

·         Support the natural curves of your body without causing muscle strain or discomfort

·         Have built-in massage motors

·         Help you get a peaceful and sound sleep every night!

For inquiries, call 1800 210 330 or visit http://www.craftmaticbeds.weebly.com/

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At Craftmatic, you can choose from:

    =Four unique models of adjustable beds
    =Adjustable beds that come in various sizes and features
    =Craftmatic bed warranties
    =Free Sleep and Health Report

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With commercial operations in Australia, New Zealand, and UK, Craftmatic has sold over 1,000,000 beds for the past 40 years and can provide you with adjustable, therapeutic beds.

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Operating for over 40 years now, Craftmatic can provide you with an adjustable bed that:

  • comes in four models to suit your sleeping needs

  • can be adjusted to elevate your head and feet

  • has built-in massage options

    Visit http://www.linkedin.com/companies/craftmatic to learn more about Craftmatic or call 1800 210 330 for inquiries on their adjustable beds.